Workshops & Seminars



Let’s get together and educate ourselves. From Seminars to workshops, I offer extensive training, consulting, and lessons for family and community education through my company. These classes are fun, educational, and social that provide life and tech lessons they don’t teach in school. Bring a friend, bring a group of friends, bring the whole organization and let’s discuss how we can improve ourselves, our families, our workplace, and our communities.



Give me one hour of your time to teach you the lessons of modern parenting and digital education. I provide discussions and information for communities and organizations that help improve family and community life.

A Savvy Moms Guide to Parenting Generation Z


  • video games and ESRB ratings
  • cyber bullying and prevention
  • internet safety and security
  • social media and digital apps
  • kids in the digital age
  • technology in education
  • networking opportunities
  • tech tools for parents
  • starting a business online
  • SEO & Social Media Marketing


Free 30 minute brief discussion about selected topic for educational facilities and non-profit organizations. Does not include workshop programs.



Workshops allow a more in depth and hands on training program for your organization. Dates are guaranteed when reserved and I provide the activities, discussions, worksheets, and information.

These workshops are 1 hour for 4 days (not in consecutive order), including snacks, coffee, and discussions.  These workshops are perfect for individuals or organizations who are interested in bringing programs to their centers or educating their community about the digital age or military communication. Your organization may select the topic(s).

$60 per person (minimum 5 people) 


* Organization must provide the venue, coffee, and all necessary equipment needed.  One MAIN topic only. Mrs. Mahoney has the right to sell books on-site. Please contact for more information.

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If you are interested in any of my workshops or seminars, please contact me to discuss your needs and set a date.