Hershey Park is Simply Sweet Nothing

This past weekend we visited Hershey Park in Hershey Pennsylvania for our Spring Break. However, Hershey Park is probably more overrated due to the name rather than the entertainment.

A World of Disappointments

Our first disappointment was when we were told we could get military family discount tickets, but we had to buy them at the gate. However, when we got to the gate they told us they didn’t offer military discounts in the Spring so we had to pay full price for the five of us. I wouldn’t have minded paying full price if I pre-planned full price, but that unexpected disappointment left us less to spend in the park.


Next, after entering the gate almost 40 minutes later from their opening time, it was extremely crowded with ride lines as long as 45 minutes, even with a quick pass. There were not that many rides, which probably contributed to the extensively long lines, and the rides they did have were not that thrilling. Honestly, you would think a ride called the “Super Dooper Looper” would have, well, a lot of loops, right? Not even close. ONE loop! The Super Dooper Looper had ONE loop and it was as thrilling as a kids coaster.


We then decided to take a more subtle ride on the monorail. We were able to see the mini petting zoo, a few rides, a small empty stage, the canal, and the Hershey Factory. The factory was nothing special, simply a factory made of brushed grey stone with opaque windows displaying the Hershey name. I think they talked more about the work place than they did anything else in the park, but there really wasn’t much to talk about to begin with as the monorail took us around the park in less than 10 minutes.

food pizza

The food was bland with little flavor and the lines for the food were just as long as the lines for the rides. It was a good thing we were all hungry or I would have given it to the fish in their canal. Not only did the food taste horrible, but every food stand had bees and ants galore around them. People were standing in line swatting and flailing about to the point they  would accidentally hit someone else in line.


They have the typical carnival and arcade games that drain the wallet pretty quickly and the staff seems so underwhelmed with their work that I felt bad asking to play a game. This young lady was by herself at this game booth and she was surrounded by impatient players, but she had to go around and collect the balls off the ground and in the center of the booth for each player so it took her forever since she was by herself. She had a very unpleasant demeanor.

It would have also been nice to see more Hershey Characters walking inside the park greeting the kids and getting photos with visitors, but we only saw one inside the park and three less than entertaining characters standing outside of the park that weren’t even picture-worthy.

hershey park 001

As for the curb appeal, the park had very little decor and brightness. It lacked color – whether from flowers, fountains, flags, etc – and it seemed dull and dreery. The hanging flowers they did have were faded and dieing. I guess they thought color was only allowed in Hershey Gardens. Where was the happiness? Hershey was suppose to represent happiness and it represented a factory of lifeless workers!


The most disappointing part is that to make any chocolate, learn about chocolate, or to visit the history of Milton Hershey, it was a totally separate area with separate costs! There weren’t even any chocolate bakeries, chocolate candy shops, or even chocolate ice cream stands. There was one shop at the entrance that sold the candies, apparel, and mugs for double the price you could get at Wal-mart!

Milton Hershey would be disappointed too

We have been to many many amusement parks and we were very excited to visit Hershey Park because the whole family loves Hershey, but the only great thing about it was being able to spend the day as a family together. Sadly, we will not be returning as we were expecting a little more from a company that represents such a wonderful world-wide product.


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