The Little Campground I Wish We’d Never Found.

Mountain Springs Camping Resort is located in a small back mountain country town called Shartlesville, Pennsylvania. The town only has about 455 residents, but it’s supposedly known for it’s rodeos, concerts, horse shows, demolition derbies, and tractor pulls. It’s also considered home to Roadside America, a large community of miniature trains and villages, but honestly, that’s it. Unless you are into those things, there is really nothing exciting in Shartlesville, Pennsylvania and the people keep to themselves. It wasn’t a horrible experience, but it wasn’t worth stopping at.



We stayed at the local campground for a few days during one of our military moves and although the grounds itself were quiet and clean, the campground was a bit misleading with it’s “resort” title.  On a positive note, they had clean, flat spots for pull thru trailers with enough room in between each spot to give you a little space, but that was about the best part of the campground. The pool was nice and refreshing, but no slide or diving board like some other “resorts” we have been to and the playground was right next to the pool so it gave parents a little security knowing they could watch their kids in the pool or the playground simultaneously. There was also a fishing pond across the small road where campers could do some “catch and release” fishing or sit in a small boat to relax, but the pond was not well kept and had a pretty strong smell to it.

The staff wasn’t rude but they certainly didn’t make a visitor feel welcomed and the surrounding regular trailer home owners we’re more suspicious of us rather than happy to see a new face in town. I kind of felt like we were intruding on their space because the resort was also a regular trailer park residential area.

My biggest disappointment was the laundry room. Since the campground also housed regular trailer park home owners, the laundry room was also the main washroom for the residents, so it was always in use and apparently not important enough to tend to. This room was extremely outdated in both decor and equipment, it smelled like cigarette smoke and sweat, and a few too many washers and driers broken. I was afraid to set any of my clothes down to wash them or fold them because the area was so unhealthy I felt dirty just walking into it. Luckily for me, my husband and sons brought the laundry in the rest of the time we were there and I folded them in the travel trailer.


Mountain Spring Campground Resort Lots

The campground also had a WiFi Hotspot, but it was extremely slow. It took way to long to look up anything remotely entertaining in the surrounding area and google map distances wouldn’t even load up. After the second day I gave up. I didn’t even bother with their WiFi. I put my own Verizon 4G Hotspot on instead so we could research the area, find things to do, and keep in touch with family while we were on the road.

All in all, Mountain Springs Camping Resort was okay for a night stop but I wouldn’t call this a resort. I was a bit disappointed and wouldn’t recommend this place until some changes are made. Oh well, you win some and you loose some when you’re a traveling family!

Have you ever had a bad experience or found much disappointment in a campground or hotel you stayed at? What did you do?


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