Make A Path of Enemies in Tsuro Board Game


Tsuro: The Game of the Path is a quick, fun, and hilarious party game of paths. It has simple instructions that are easy for the whole family to understand from ages 10+.  The object of Tsuro is to keep yourself on the board for as long as you can while trying to knock your opponents off the board in the process.


each pawn must follow the paths accordingly

At the start of the game, everyone selects a pawn (stone) and places it on the edge of the board at a starting line. Each player will then select three cards from the top of the card deck while passing the rest around the table until everyone has three cards. Each card has swirly lines on them, indicating a path of sorts to which your pawn must follow. Without showing your cards to your opponents, the first player plays one of the cards in his/her hand and places it within a square on the board where your pawn starts at. You will want to make sure the path that lines up with your pawn moves you toward the center of the board and not off the board in any way.

keep yourself on the board, knock your opponents off

As the game progresses and more paths are placed down, each pawn must follow the paths accordingly. If a card you lay down is also connected to an opponents pawn, both you and your opponent must follow that path, and vice versa. The best paths are those that can keep you on the board while making your opponent follow a path off the board. If a path forms to collide you and an opponent, you are both off the board. The game continues until only one pawn remains on the board. However, if the only cards you have left are paths that will kill you off the board, be as strategic as possible and find a path that will bring another opponent with you. Nothing says fun like playing the martyr in this situation.

Tsuro can keep the whole family or a group of friends entertained for hours of fun. The game is strategic, but quick, and no path is ever the same. Try Tsuro and let us know what you think!

Have you played Tsuro? Share your thoughts!


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