Chocolate Lovers Indulge at The Shoppes of Premise Maid

We discovered the most inspiring and delicious sweet retreat in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania called The Shoppes of Premise Maid. This little blessing among the fields of Pennsylvania provides a piece of Heaven for chocolate lovers and sweet lovers alike. The Shoppes of Premise Maid is a small village combined with a Chocolate Shoppe, a Creamery Shoppe, a Bakery Shoppe, and a Gift Shoppe!


The Chocolate Shoppe has festively decorated rooms filled with every type of chocolate you can imagine. They come in bars, candies, and even lovingly handcrafted to resemble everything from bunnies to classic automobiles.

The Creamery shoppe offers 40 homemade ice cream flavors mixed with some of the most delicious toppings and candies and without skimping on the size of a scoop. One scoop of this ice cream is equal to almost three scoops elsewhere.


The Bakery Shoppe is filled with the most amazing and delicious pies, cakes, cookies, and desserts from around the world. The aromatic smell of fresh baked goods is enough to bring the most hard-willed human to his knees. I even broke down and took home my own little piece of heaven with an Italian cannoli cake. O-M-G!

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate … and that’s kinda the same thing!

I was totally awe inspired by the fresh tastes and amazing talent this little retreat had to offer. The quaint village is nestled amount the beautiful rolling hills of Pennsylvania and is one of my Top favorite dessert stops in the state.


Stop by The Shoppes of Premise Maid at 10860 Hamilton Blvd., Breinigsville, PA or visit their Website or Facebook page and let them know the geeks at WeDiscover sent you over.


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