Military Family Glamping at Dover Air Force Base

Being military we tend to stay at a lot of military-friendly campgrounds. Our most recent weekend stop was Dover Air Force Base Family Camp in Delaware. This base was our last military base before retiring and we were able to stay at the FamCamp for a weekend to visit with some friends.

Clean Camping with lots of visibility

The campground is clean and the landscaping is taken great care of every other day. It is NOT wooded, but rather an open area of field that allows for perfect viewing of the flight line without trees or bushes getting in the way. The spots are evenly spaced and flat enough for easy back in or pull through without any problems.

The playground is amazingly clean and very large with lots of jungle gyms for kids of all ages. I personally feel it’s one of the best playgrounds we have yet to see at a base FamCamp.

Spectacular views of the flight line


The base sits right on the edge of the flight line where plane fanatics can enjoy the thrill of hearing and watching the planes take off or land. The view is spectacular and the noise really is not that loud. We are used to hearing the airplanes since we’ve lived on military bases all our lives, so the sights and sounds of the aircraft are actually a blessing for us.

Open and spacious, but lacks the love

Although Dover AFB FamCamp is certainly open and spacious, it does have quite a bit that needs to be improved.


1. The grills are extremely rusted and our grill fell over while and it was filled with the most disgusting cigarette butts and trash. We tried to stand it back up, but we had to dig a hole very deep to get it to stay. When we returned almost a year later, the grill was still in the same spot.

2. There are also a lot of single campers who are stationed at the campground and live out of their trailers during their temporary station. This poses a problem for other military or Veteran campers who might be traveling through or moving into the area and need temporary lodging with their trailer. The campground only has 9 camping spots and only 7 are full service with water/electric/sewer. It’s almost impossible to get a spot.

3. The FamCamp staff does not check on the campers at all. The campground is run off trust, so you simply fill out the form at the entrance road and leave your payment in the enclosed envelope when you leave. This means campers can come in and not even make a payment.

4. The bug are extremely overwhelming. Since the FamCamp staff does not check in on the campers, they don’t spray the area either. The mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and insects are somewhat overwhelming and may not be suitable for outdoor playtime.


Overall, the Dover AFB FamCamp is a fine place for a quick rest or a day break, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a family vacation spot. There were too many negatives about the campground to really boast about, but it wasn’t the worst either.

As with any military campgrounds, in order to be eligible to stay at the Dover AFB FamCamp, you must poses a valid military ID card or CAC card.

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