Mesmerized by Pennsylvania in the Fall

Twenty-something years ago when my husband and I first got married we lived in New Jersey and we would travel to Pennsylvania every weekend to visit friends. We couldn’t get enough of the state. It was beautiful and they always had something happening for friends and families of all ages. We swore that when we retired from the military we would return to make Pennsylvania our home.

Tunnel path in Pennsylvania
Tunnel path in Pennsylvania

Fast forward twenty-four years later and three teenagers in tow, how coincidental that my husband would start his second career in Lehigh Valley.  After living in over a dozen states throughout the past twenty years, we had long since forgotten about Pennsylvania, but something brought us back, something wanted us to fulfill that goal.

Then October came and it hit me.

The amazing Earthly colors that brushed each tip of the trees as if to copycat each other in perfect harmony and the crisp scent of apple and pumpkin that filled the air around this time of year was but a gentle kiss from Mother Nature. She had certainly blessed Pennsylvania with an amazing Autumn spirit. Though our goals have changed after having children and our travel experiences have broadened our options of where we wanted to live, the Fall season in Pennsylvania always seems to bring me back to reality and remind me of why I loved this state when I was younger.

Creamry Park Macungie Pennsylvania
Creamry Park Macungie Pennsylvania

Sometimes when I’m walking the trails I stop for a moment and close my eyes to focus on the sounds of the birds and the rustling of the leaves. Though a bit nippy around this time of year, even the wind biting my face doesn’t stop me from taking it all in. It’s amazing that such places do exist. This is what natural beauty is.

Walking the track. Pennsylvania in the Fall.
Walking the track. Pennsylvania in the Fall.

Now, if only Pennsylvania would stop cursing me with these dreadful allergies, I might have considered staying after my kids graduated. However, since I’m highly allergic to the corn that is abundantly grown here and the air is not as crisp and clean as it used to be twenty+ years ago, I’ll have to find a new place to call home and perhaps save my future travel trips for Pennsylvania in the Fall.

Roadside Cornfield
Roadside Cornfield

If you’re a Fall traveler, be sure to visit Pennsylvania and the Poconos around this time of year. You won’t be disappoint and it will certainly grow on you.

For more Pennsylvania high definition photographs, visit my Pennsylvania Gallery.


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