Walking the Bushkill Falls PA Trails

High in the uplands of the Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania lies a hidden gem the locals like to refer to as the “Niagara of Pennsylvania”. These majestic waterfalls plunge over the edge of a 100-foot cliff to a deep pool at the bottom, banked by ferns, mosses, and wild flowers. The creek then drops another seventy feet through a long and spectacular gorge strewn with gigantic boulders surround by trails and bridges that welcome splendid views.

Today we take a walk along the trails of Bushkill Falls Pennsylvania. Be sure to subscribe to our WeDiscover YouTube Channel for more travel vlogs.

Of note, I have some off balance and equilibrium issues, so the falls trek was a little shaky for me and my father-in-law doesn’t particularly care for heights, so he couldn’t go beyond the entrance cliff. That said, if you have any type of balance issues or fear of heights, it is recommended that you be cautious in the falls or reconsider your options.

The good news is that I was able to make it quite a ways down and for the most part, you can get some pretty descent views and photos from all different paths and angles, so you don’t really have to go far. The views are absolutely breathtaking, but as you can see in the video, I almost tripped while holding my camera, so make sure you aren’t as clumsy and absent minded as I am.



There are two separate trails, one for a more casual sight seer and the other for the more advanced hiker, which makes this even more enjoyable for every outdoor fanatic from families to the hardcore climbers. There is also a great spot to sit and relax, a store, and some picnic areas. The ticket prices are rather steep for a family, but as a tourist attraction and wildlife preservation, it’s not surprising.



Read my review on TripAdvisor.

Be sure to visit our Bushkill Falls Gallery for more photos and let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


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