Flight Simulator Helped My Teen Fly A Real Plane

For my son’s birthday a few years ago, my husband and I opted to give him Private Pilot Lessons for the day. He was so excited! My husband went up in the aircraft with him since he’s the military flier, but he sat in the back while the Pilot and my son sat in the front. My son actually did an amazing job, and of course, my husband’s expertise in teaching my son the basics was a very big factor. However, I won’t lie … Microsoft’s Flight Simulator helped him too!

Since my son is Autistic, when he is focused on something, he becomes highly educated and perfected at whatever the topic at hand is. His focus for the longest time was flight simulation. He was determined to fly planes like his dad in the military. So, he spent hours on Microsoft’s Flight Simulator. Honestly, my career revolves around video games and tech education, so when I see first hand how video games can actually provide knowledgeable direction with kids, I am overwhelmed with excitement. Thanks Microsoft!

The Pilot said my son was gifted and knew exactly what the dashboard instruments were for and how to read them. Now he’s in Civil Air Patrol and following in his father’s footsteps looking forward to graduating and becoming an Air Force pilot.




View more stunning aerial photos from the inside of my son’s plane in the FIRST FLIGHT photo gallery.


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