Techorating with IKEA

Lately I’ve been in the market for some Techorating ideas. This year I’m changing my entire living room out for a totally new modern look to compliment our family’s geekiness!

What is Techorating?

The term “techorating,” which is a portmanteau of technology and decorating, is credited to LG Electronics. In 2008, LG partnered with interior designer Doug Wilson to teach customers how to properly implement and integrate technology with their decor. Since then, the term has accumulated momentum and become commonly used to refer to ways to decorate with gadgetry and modern technology.

I’m just gonna go for it!

It’s taking a toll on my anxiety as I am very frugal and I can’t stop looking for the best deals . It’s also eating at my husband’s Autism. He’s getting antsy about the complete change. He’s so used to our living room that it scares him to get rid of everything and start over, but he also knows it needs to be updated and I’m not one to stop until I complete my goal. The only thing we aren’t changing out is the 65′ Samsung UHD Curved TV we have, but other than that it’s all going in a garage sale and being replaced.

That said, Nova and I have been surfing the net for some Techorating ideas within a desired budget. Then, we headed over to IKEA. I just love IKEA. Here are some designs we found for the living room.


I love the teal blue and dark gray theme, so I’m thinking of going with those colors. Do you have any techorating ideas or designs you have put together? Share them with us!


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