Gettysburg Campground in the Heart of American History

This week we stayed at the Gettysburg Campground in the historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The entrance is a little hidden off the main road, but once you enter, you’re greeted by an open spacious and friendly environment. The staff was friendly and welcomed us with smiles and open arms. They were quick to greet us at the campsite and helping us back into the spot with no problems. You can always find a staff member or two walking or driving their carts around the campground with smiles, waves, and asking if we are comfortable.

The campground itself is beautifully, well-kept in the heart of Gettysburg. It’s absolutely clean, friendly, and spacious with a nice playground, basketball court, pool, cart rentals, and open field for a picnic or simply playing around. The campground is also very pet friendly, which worked out great for us taking our dog glamping with us for the first time.

Gettysburg Campground Entrance
Gettysburg Campground Entrance

Although it rained most of the time we were there, it was still a very nice place for some down time of peace and quiet. It gave us time to sit, relax, and talk as a family, but between myself and three teens who are active and can’t sit still, it was a little less than exciting for us. However, it’s a beautiful campground for those into nature and moments of serene relaxation.

Discover A Piece of American History

The campground is centrally located in the heart of Gettyburg Pennsylvania which gives American Historian and military enthusiasts a great spot to tour the Gettysburg National Battlefield. The history and scenic landscapes are sincerely worth while for all ages. If you’re a family who takes pride in educational vacations for your kids, this is a great opportunity to take advantage of a historical moment in American history.


Just A Few Improvements Needed

The only issue I saw was that their store was small and didn’t offer much and the ice cream shop lacked options and appeal. The WiFi is slow and unsteady, but that’s typical of many campgrounds and the cable is not high-definition, so don’t expect anything crisp and clear. There were also no activities on weekdays for Summer family camping, which made a weekday stay a little unexciting as Gettysburg itself does not offer much for children and family vacations. The town instead attracts a lot of older couples who are into Civil War, American History, and ghost tours.

Still, it was a nice little getaway for the week and we were able to learn a lot from the surrounding American patriotism. I would revisit the campground again for another relaxing weekend, but I would not recommend it for those families looking for a more exciting vacation adventure.

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