It’s Mooncake Season

Spring Moon’s coveted, limited edition, mini egg custard mooncakes will once again be available on The Peninsula Hong Kong’s online ordering platform. Designed to enable customers to conveniently buy Spring Moon’s mini egg custard mooncakes from the comfort of their computer, the online ordering platform will be available for five days from 24 to 28 August 2015 and is set to go live at 8:00 am daily, until stocks last.

The trick in creating Spring Moon’s coveted mooncakes is to get the pastry just right. It should be light and delicate, but strong enough to withstand the baking process. While the exact proportions and nature of the ingredients used for the filling are a closely guarded secret, Spring Moon’s team follows a traditional recipe using rich duck eggs to produce the finest quality mooncakes in both texture and flavour.


Spring Moon’s limited edition, mini egg custard mooncakes will be available exclusively on for five days from 24 to 28 August 2015 at 8:00 am daily, while stocks last, and a maximum number of 20 boxes will be taken per order. Guests will be able to enjoy the convenience of purchasing Spring Moon’s mooncakes from their personal computer, without even having to leave their seat. The mooncakes will only be sold online and are available for collection at Spring Moon from 6 to 26 September 2015. Each box of Spring Moon’s limited edition mooncakes is priced at HK$ 485, and includes eight individual, hand-made, mini egg custard mooncakes.

Family Sharing a Meal

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on 27 September this year, when Hong Kong residents celebrate in family groups and with friends; venturing out to admire the full moon and give thanks to the unity and good fortune that this represents. Mooncakes are served after a meal with tea and eaten throughout this landmark festival.


The mooncake tradition stems from the 14th century Yuan Dynasty myth of General Zhu Yuan Chang, who signalled the start of an uprising by hiding political messages in mooncakes and distributing them to his supporters. General Zhu went on to lead the ensuing riot and founded the Ming Dynasty.

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