Military Glamping at Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Station

This month we’re staying at the Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Station in Yorktown, just outside of Williamsburg Virginia. If you’re not familiar with Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Station, it’s headquarters and home for the Navy’s “Combat Stevedores” the predominately Reserve cargo handling command with one active duty battalion, and home away from home for 10 Reserve battalions, and four regiments. It is known for housing storage for large, bulky and unique Navy material and an assortment of training programs.

When you enter the military gates, the road to the campground may seem a bit drab. There isn’t much excitement to be had driving through a Naval Supply Center. You’ll pass a lot of warehouse storage units, some old ship parts, and empty buildings. Don’t let this discourage you. Once you reach the campground, the RV section will be to the left and the tents and cabins will be to the right.

Exploring the Campground

Cheatham Annex Campground Exploration
Cheatham Annex Campground Exploration


The FamCamp is one of the most clean and neatly landscaped military campgrounds we have yet to stay at. The area is settled nicely by the reservoir and surrounded by enough trees to keep you private, but not too overbearing that you don’t have space. In fact, you have a lot of open grass space for tossing the football, playing Frisbee, or just hanging out. Each plot is laid out with a smooth cement padding to easily back into and they’re wide enough to keep the picnic table on the padding and under the RV awning. Each spot comes complete with a picnic table, a grill, and Free Wi-Fi provided by GoWiFi.  I do want to mention that the WiFi is actually very stable and pretty darn fast for a campground WiFi compared to other places we have stayed. In fact, I’m writing this review from the campground and uploaded all of my hi-res photographs within a few minutes. However, the signal is strongest in Lots 1-7, whilst we moved to Lot 19 later on and the signal was poor and sputtered on and off. However, when it works, it is definitely worthy WiFi!


Towards the back of the campground is the tent area and Cabins that range from 2-5 bedrooms. There is also a recreation center, a basketball court, hiking trails, and the reservoir for fishing or boating.

Outdoor Family Fun

Cheatham Annex Campground
Cheatham Annex Campground Firepit

The station has a base pool, a beautiful golf course, the NEX (Naval Exchange), and an amazing outdoor recreational area that includes two large playgrounds, horseshoe pits, a volleyball court, a group fire pit, and with a large barbecue pavilion for group parties. Although these are not located on the campground itself, they are all still on the Naval Station. A map of the station can be picked up at the MWR Camping & Cabins Center where you have to check in at. This is also the Travel & Tourism Center where you can get discounted military rates for the amusement parks, such as Busch Gardens, King’s Dominion, and Water Country USA, among others.


The area was well kept and clean, but both playgrounds, however, were blocked off with yellow CAUTION tape, so my kids couldn’t enjoy it.

If you walk down from the recreational area, you’ll come across a fishing pier that has the most spectacular view of the lake blanketed by beautiful yellow flowers. The pier, titled Kids Fishing Pier, was apparently a fishing pier for families, but it seemed old and worn. My husband even questioned it’s safety and we didn’t attempt to go to the end of it, but I was still able to snap some breathtaking photos of the pier and the landscape.

Cheatham Annex Campground Pier
Cheatham Annex Campground Pier


Overall the Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Station is a very decent place to stay for a family extended glamping vacation. It’s clean, active, and offers a lot of different activities in a quiet and spacious location. The campground is only 5-10 minutes from Busch Gardens and Water Country USA, an hour from Kings Dominion, and an hour from Virginia Beach. Between it’s cleanliness, spacious lots, variety of activities, WiFi dependability, and Central location, I give the Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Station Campground a 4 out of 5 stars. The only reason I knocked a star off was that a few of the activities and scenic outlooks on the map were overgrown, closed off, or unsafe to enter even though they still showed as active on the Naval Station guest map. Other than that, I would highly recommend staying at the Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Station Campground for military families.

As with any military campgrounds, in order to be eligible to stay at the Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Station, you must poses a valid military ID card or CAC card. Click here for eligibility requirements.


To view more high definition photographs of the Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Station Campground, visit the gallery from here.


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