Ledgeview RV Village and Park, Lake George NY

This past weekend we held our son’s 8th Grade Graduation Party in Upstate NY, where most of our family is from. After several searches for RV parks and campgrounds in the Albany area, there weren’t too many worth the price they charged and many had low ratings from previous campers.  We decided to stay an hour north of Albany, at Lake George NY instead, where the grounds were a little more expensive, but cleaner with more amenities for the kids.

Our decision fluctuated between King Philips Campground, Lake George RV Park, and Ledgeview RV Village and Park, but after research and price comparisons, we settled on Ledgeview RV Village and Park.



At Ledgeview RV Village and Park, you can definitely enjoy the natural beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. We were surrounded by large beautiful trees, lush green grass, and a calming lake with a fountain spring. Each morning mother nature’s birds cheerfully sang out and critters ran to and from in a playful mood to wake you up with a smile.  Ledgeview RV Village and Park was one of the most peaceful and pretty campgrounds in the area and although it doesn’t advertise, the community seemed to gear more towards 55 and older. It was a very quiet campground and we didn’t see any children besides our own. In fact, we felt like the loud family in the park and a bit out of place, but the people were quite pleasant and it was very well kept.

The constant rain was definitely not very uplifting, but we still sat outside under the awning and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs with the family. Just being outside, even while it was raining, was relaxing enough to keep a smile on our faces with jokes at the table. Sadly enough, we were not able to enjoy the other amenities of the park, such as the playground or the community pool, due to the rain, but it was still a nice visit.

Just One Pet Peeve Really


The only thing about the campground I was a bit disappointed about was the pool swimming rules. They stated a minimum of two adults at all times, with one adult always on the deck. This bothered me because sometimes my husband will take the kids to the pool by himself so I can have an hour or so to myself. Then I wondered how a single parent would manage that one? or what if my husband and I both wanted to swim together? Even then, what if I camped alone and wanted to go for a swim? This one little rule made us rethink our stay for any other extended amounts of time as the pool is definitely an amenity we look for in a campground.

Overall Results

Overall, Ledgeview was a very pleasant stay, despite the weather. The people were friendly, the staff was helpful, the grounds were clean and extremely well taken care of.  Despite my pet peeve with the swim rules, the campground was still nice for a few days rest and relaxation. I would definitely recommend Ledgeview RV Park and Village for any age.



View more high definition photos of the campground from the Ledgeview RV Park & Village Gallery.


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