Twin Grove RV Resort and Cottages

Twin Grove RV Resort & Cottages is a hidden gem nestled among the beautiful rolling hillside of Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. The drive is very scenic and a bit off the beaten path, so don’t fret it if you think you’ve gotten yourself lost. Enjoy the ride, it’s a bit up the mountain and you may find your ears popping a little. The view is amazing and it’s quite a nice, friendly, and enjoyable glamping time for the whole family.

True Mountain Glamping

The nice thing about Twin Grove was the clean spots for pull thru trailers and the space was just enough to give you some family time without hearing your neighbors snoring. The spot we were on gave an amazing view of the mountains, but it was very hilly, which made leveling the trailer a pain,. However, once we were settled, it was totally worth it in the end. Each spot comes complete with a clean gravel space for either pull-thru or back-in trailer and enough space for a picnic table and a nice small fire pit off to the side. The space was actually large enough for us to put a netted tent covering over our picnic table just in line with the awning of our trailer. It worked out perfectly. In fact, the staff was very friendly and offered us a military discount. They quickly got us checked in and we’re happy to answer any questions we had. The store was neat and cute too. It had everything a camper might need along with souvenirs and gifts for the trip. Also, if you’re a military family that travels often, you will be happy to know that Twin Grove RV Resort & Cottages also gives a military discount in appreciation to the Veterans and their families.

Also, as a mom, I am particular with the Laundry room, of course, and it was no disappointment. The rooms were extremely neat with updated equipment and didn’t take long to wash or dry clothes for a family of five.

Although we ate at the trailer or went out to eat most of the time, we did end up eating at the campground restaurant one night and was not particularly thrilled. It was a little outdated with an 80’s style decor, but it was convenient, clean, and had a fairly decent buffet for an affordable price.

The amenities were plentiful, though during our stay, it was almost back to school time, so not much was happening, but still worth it. The pool was nice and refreshing with a few swirly slides for the kids to enjoy, however it felt a bit small and overcrowded, especially for such a down time, so I can’t imagine how crowded it would have been during the peak time of the Summer. The pool area is gated off for security, but you can eat and drink on the patio outside the gated area.

The kids and adults alike enjoyed the ice cream shop, arcade, bouncy castle, Ferris wheel, and mini golf. The arcade was small and the token system wasn’t clear as to currency. I thought the machine in the arcade would give me $10 in change, but the coin system gave $10 is TOKENS, so I had to exchange the tokens back at the cashier, but she couldn’t open the cash register for tokens so she had to re-sell my tokens and give me the cash back. Not too big of a deal, as she was generous enough to help, but it was an inconvenience since the labeling on the machine did not specify tokens.

We were in the middle of relocating to the area and stayed in our trailer while searching for a home, so we needed a campground with internet connection. Pine Grove had a WiFi Hotspot from their restaurant and main office area, but the signal did not reach through the campground, so we couldn’t view homes or google map distances. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for good WiFi, you won’t get it at Twin Grove and the cable channels are very limited. However, it’s meant to be a camping resort.

Over all, I would definitely recommend Twin Grove RV Resort & Cottages for a short stay. It’s a nice little getaway up in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

Have you stayed at Twin Grove RV Resort & Cottages in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania? What did you think?

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